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Product Highlight: Tiger General Winch Trucks

Tiger General Winch Trucks are the finest and most well manufactured on the market. We manufacture Winch Trucks, Winch Beds and Winch Tractors in many different configurations. Each of which can be designed to meet your company’s or job site’s specifications.  What Are Winch Trucks Used For? A winch truck is exactly what it sounds … Continued

The Impact Hurricanes have on the Industry

Hurricanes can result in catastrophic damage, not just to people’s lives and communities, but also to different industries and the economy.  For the context of this blog, we look into how hurricanes impact the oil and natural gas industry. Hurricane season The main hurricane season lasts for six months, usually from June to November. Within … Continued

Coronavirus’ Impact on the Industry

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot to change around the world and every industry has been hit hard. But perhaps the one industry that has taken the biggest hit is the oil and gas industry. Decreases in Demand and Price With the Coronavirus causing a historic drop in demand, this year has been … Continued

New Wearable Safety Technology in the Industry

Oil and gas companies are evaluating the possibility of deploying wearable safety technology devices. These devices are said to improve safety and efficiency in oilfield operations for those that wear them. In this blog we dive into how this could change the industry. Why Wearable Safety Technology? The benefits of technology aren’t just for a … Continued

The Top 10 Largest Producing Oil Fields: Part 2

Billions of barrels of oil are produced each year by the hundreds of oil fields throughout the United States. In this continuation of the previous blog, we finish the countdown of the top 10 largest producing oil fields in the U.S. 5. Wattenberg, Colorado The Wattenberg oil field is located just north of Denver, in … Continued

The Top 10 Largest Producing Oil Fields: Part 1

Throughout the United States there are hundreds of oil fields operating daily. Together these fields produce billions of barrels of oil each year. In this blog we are starting our countdown of the top 10 largest producing oil fields in the U.S. 10. Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico The Mississippi Canyon oil fields have been … Continued

Product Highlight: Beau-Roc Dump Truck Bodies

Do you dream about a dump truck with a crossmember-less design? How about one with a wide main frame and diamond shaped sides that delivers maximum strength without wasted dead weight? Then Tiger General has the dump body for you! This blog tells you why Beau-Roc Dump Truck Bodies are what you need. What are … Continued

Clement Dump Trailers: Why They Are America’s Leader

Clement is one of the oldest and most experienced dump trailer manufacturers in the United States. With years of experience and an eye for perfection, why not go with the proven, reliable leader? Here’s why Clement Dump Trailers are exactly what you need. Clement Dump Trailers Design Since the 1950’s Clement has been designing and … Continued

August Oil and Gas News Roundup

In August, the oil and gas industry is bracing during hurricane season and making challenging decisions based on the need for safety. Read on to learn more about what’s happening in our oil and gas news roundup this month. US Energy Dept Ready to Respond to Laura Category 4 Hurricane Laura reached land in Louisiana … Continued

Oil Field Hazards and How to Avoid Them

In the oil extraction industry, workers engage in a multitude of different industrial processes that are needed to successfully drill and service a well. These processes generally come with health and safety hazards that can result in serious injury or sometimes even fatalities. In today’s blog we want to highlight three of the most common … Continued