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October Oil & Gas News Roundup

In October, Earthstone announced a share repurchase, the U.S. is to hold their first-ever pacific offshore wind lease sale, continental resources announced a definitive agreement to be acquired by the Hamm family, Shell Closed their UK hydrogen filling stations, and Biden laid out a plan to complete emergency oil sales. Continue reading our oil and … Continued

How Mature Wells can be Revived

In an age of recycling, companies are looking for ways to repurpose and reuse resources to save money and time. It should be no surprise that this is also something that occurs in the petroleum industry. As more and more hydraulic fracturing is done, technological advances are allowing existing wells with slow or no production … Continued

September Oil & Gas News Roundup

In September, Biden issued offshore drilling rights, a large U.S. driller just made a big move into LNG, the U.S. pushed for better offshore oil and gas safety standards, and California lawmakers extend the life of the state’s last nuclear power plant. Continue reading our oil and gas news roundup to learn more about what’s … Continued

Oil Gas Flaring: What is it?

Flaring is a controlled burn of natural gas that can be trapped with crude oil. It happens in wells drilled for natural gas, as well as during fracking. The practice has persisted from the beginning of oil production over 160 years ago and takes place for multiple reasons. There are also many misconceptions surrounding flaring. … Continued

August Oil & Gas News Roundup

In August, onshore drilling is set to increase over the next five years, oil and gas producers may see a record in surplus cash from high prices, Texas oil and gas employment has seen a huge uptick, and drilling automation streamlines operations and improves safety. Continue reading our oil and gas news roundup to learn … Continued

How To Remove Rust from An Oil Field Truck

Rust happens, and when it does it’s important to address it as quickly as possible before you must replace truck parts. Oil field trucks can be particularly susceptible to rust due to their size and the amount of wear and tear they endure. You can remove rust and prevent damage safely with these directions. Supplies … Continued

July Oil & Gas News Roundup

In July, Five-Year Offshore O&G EPC Spend is Set to Hit the $276 Bn Mark, EnerCom Denver – The Energy Investment Conference is only weeks away, Oil Rises on Supply Concerns, and Mexico denies energy policy breach. Continue reading our oil and gas news roundup to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this … Continued

Dump Truck Maintenance Checklist

Purchasing a dump truck is a significant investment. However, the investment doesn’t end there. You’ll still have to spend time and money on dump truck maintenance to keep your truck in tip-top shape. If you don’t provide your dump truck with proper maintenance, the breakdowns and repairs will catch up with you. This begs the … Continued

June Oil & Gas News Roundup

In June, a fuel shortage looms in Ghana, FINNAIR and Gevo enter into a sustainable aviation fuel sales agreement, Chevron Eyes a $2.5B investment, and Europe may shift back to coal as Russia turns down gas flows. Continue reading our oil and gas news roundup to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this … Continued

How to: Vacuum Truck Maintenance

You always need to make sure that you’re taking proper care of your vacuum truck, the same way you would with any other vehicle. Most consumer cars that you purchase come with a handy checklist of items that you should be taking care of on a regular basis to prolong the life of your vehicle–unfortunately, … Continued