Production set to grow at a record-breaking rate

Production of domestic oil is growing at a record-breaking rate, with many analysts anticipating continued growth within the market. Not only is the domestic market growing and providing more energy independence, but the United States is also becoming a major … Continued

Oil Production At An All-Time High

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has reported an increase of 1,003,000 barrels per day (11.8%) year-over-year from 2016, reaching an all-time high for domestic oil production and a significant rebound from the low four years prior. Crude oil prices have … Continued

Understanding the oil and gas rig count

Oil and gas rig counts are frequently used throughout the oil and gas industry as a metric of consumer confidence. For many, the oil and gas rig counts are currently indicating an optimistic path forward for energy-related companies. But what … Continued

Has Production Fallen Off In Your Wells?

Tiger General encourages you to bring your production roaring back with one session with your new Swab Master Machines. Join the successful teams that maintain production for a fraction of the costs of coiled tubing or workover rigs. Swabbing doesn’t … Continued

North Dakota oil production continues to rise

August of 2017 saw oil production throughout North Dakota rise, with a 3.5% oil production increase and a 2.5% gas production increase month-over-month. North Dakota is the second largest oil producer in the country. In July of 2017, North Dakota … Continued

Exceptional Benefits of Oil Drilling

Offshore drilling is an extremely positive enterprise that has advantages for many involved in the industry. Because of these benefits, many companies are continuing to engage in offshore drilling by growing and expanding. Other companies may be getting involved on … Continued

Expect A Major Leap In U.S. Oil Exports

Industry analysts are expecting a major leap ahead for U.S. exports. This leap is related to a ramp up in oil production that has now virtually eliminated reliance upon foreign oil and exceeded domestic demand. Through increased oil export, the … Continued