How Oil Production Created the Interstate

In our last blog post, we talked about the early beginnings of the oil industry. World War I changed the world forever and ushered in a new era of modern technologies, many of which needed fuel. The international demand for … Continued

Oil and Gas Outlook for 2019

For the most part, 2019 forecasts for the oil and gas industry are looking good. However, there are few key factors that will require some strategic adaptations in order to maintain higher levels of profitability as we move into the … Continued

Preparing Equipment for Winter

As temperatures plunge, and the seasons change, many oil and gas fields are now preparing for another winter. Perhaps more than any other, the winter season brings a unique set of challenges and considerations that must be accounted for. Make … Continued

Anatomy of a Swab Rig

The swabbing process is essential to controlling and maintaining oilfield wells. It’s so important, in fact, that we wrote a previous blog post about it last year. While that article discussed the swabbing process, we wanted to add to it … Continued

Reviewing Oilfield Safety

Safety should always be in the foreground of everyone’s mind, no matter the job site. Your company has its safety trainings and seminars, but it’s always a good idea to refresh your own memory from time to time. Vehicle and … Continued

Oil and Gas Projections for the Fall

Well, the projections for oil and gas are out from the U.S. Energy Information Administration for the short term, which means we have oil and gas projections for this fall. Oil and gas is what runs our country, so pay … Continued