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Women In The Oil Field And Gas Industry

It’s no secret that the Oil and Gas industry have been primarily dominated by men ever since its humble beginnings. However, ever since the turn of the new millennium, things have been changing. In fact, according to a recent poll done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, women make up as much as 18% of our industry.

In an even more shocking statistic, of the 3,900 positions that were added to the Oil and Gas industry last year, about 1,800 of them have been filled by females. This marked the 13th straight quarter of new jobs becoming available in our industry. And the great news is, forecasts keep predicting a rise in the amount of jobs available. By 2015, predictions state that there will be 2.5 million total jobs in the fracking industry alone.

The majority of the roles that women choose to take in the industry are commonly in STEM fields which encompass science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These positions are typically on shore and in office in nature. However, women couldn’t be more satisfied with these jobs. Recently, the Royal Academy of Engineering surveyed 300 women with engineering jobs in the industry and asked them about their job satisfaction. A reported 98% of them claimed that they found their jobs to be extremely fulfilling. This is great news for female workers who are looking to turn to the industry.

While 82% of the oil and gas industry is still comprised of men, this growth shows signs of a changing business. Women are not subject to the discrimination they once used to be. Oil and Gas companies understand that women provide a fresh perspective that has been missing for years. We at Tiger General salute all the women who provide quality work in the Oil and gas Fields each and every day