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Winch Trucks and Tractors: Know Your Options

Tiger General Winch trucks are the finest around. We offer a price you can afford, value you can depend on and after sale support you can trust. Keep reading to learn more and try out one of our field-proven trucks today!

Options for Winch Trucks

We offer a variety of configurations for your Winch Master Trucks, Winch Bed and Winch Tractors. Each of our trucks our field-proven, from the Rocky Mountains to the Mid East Deserts you can depend on our vehicles. If you’ve got tough questions about the demanding work that your trucks need to do give us a call, we’re happy to answer all your questions and help find the equipment that meets your specific needs. Or you can fill out a contact form on our website and we can get back to you with answers from there.

Details that Matter

We have some many details that set us apart from other equipment you could use that we couldn’t mention them all. We have Tulsa Hydraulic Planetary Winch 50,000# – 130,000 with protective headache racks offering the best vision. Our 8” to 14” tail rollers come with huge bearings and built in bar stops on the end of a full width roller.

As mentioned all of our equipment has a rugged and field proven design, we don’t sell it unless we know it works.  We make sure each piece is finished, with protective paint on more that just the top. Each component of your rig is sandblasted, primed with two stage epoxy primer and urethane paint and then reassembled. Fully protected and ready for rough and tough use.

We offer flip up 5th wheels with a single cylinder flip. The construction of our equipment is bolted, not welded to the chassis. We have air controls inside, outside left side spool valve controls and optional radio controls. Our rigs have so much to offer.

Tiger “Winch Master” Rig Up Body Specifications

You can do a lot with your Tiger Winch Master. We do a lot to it to make sure it works for you. Here’s a short list of some of our specs:

  • 25 – 29 ‘ long, body behind winches, 102” wide body
  • Sunken Bar grading 3/16” x 1½” x 15/16 centers, decking around winches
  • Galvanized log chain locking storage on left and right at winch ends
  • Headache Rack 3” square tubing, 4” KS 40 round across top
  • 70 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Tank with sight/level gauge and clean out

And we have some  optional features, such as: oil field bumpers, custom lettering, compartments and custom paint jobs.

Trust Tiger General to Deliver Your Best Value

Like all our equipment, our winch trucks and trailers are in a league of their own. You owe it to yourself to try one. Fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.