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Why It’s Time to Replace Your Dump Truck

Your equipment is how you make money. You need to keep it in the fields, on the road and operating at its full capacity to get your top dollar day after day. Your dump truck is no exception. You have to have a high quality and fully functional dump body when you’re working in the gas and oil industry. Here’s a few thoughts from us on why it’s  time to replace your dump truck.

Your Body Shows Deterioration and Corrosion 

Modern dump bodies are made to last out of material that is resistant to corrosion as well as light weight. If you find yourself in a batter with rust and other forms of deterioration and corrosion then you need to start thinking about a replacement. You don’t want to wait until you are seeing holes to upgrade. Rust can put the integrity of your truck, and your business, in jeopardy. 

You Have Less Capacity and Functionality

If your dump truck is performing inadequately you’re not doing yourself any favors holding on to it. If you find that you’re able to transport less, or that routine processes are taking longer than they should you’re not working at your best. It’s also a hindrance if you want to expand your work. If you are looking to haul more loads or change up what you are using the dump truck to haul then you have to know it’s reliable and can handle any additional work you assign to it. 

Your Dump Truck Has Failing Hydraulics and Faulty Operation

When you’re trying to dump your truck and find that it hesitates or sticks, it’s not functioning the way you need it to. There can be multiple reasons for these mechanical problems. Sometimes they can be fixed by replacing pins or other maintenance, and that should always be kept up to date. Hydraulic issues can cause many problems. Replacing the seals and hoses occasionally is very important. 

All trucks should be serviced occasionally. But if you find yourself taking the dump truck in for repairs more than usual you need to consider the cost of maintenance versus and upgrade. It might turn out to save you money to replace your truck.

Does Your Truck Cost More Than It’s Worth?

Bottom line is, you need to make more money than you’re spending. All those repairs and maintenance can add up with old and unreliable equipment. That’s in addition to lost time, increased fuel usage and the possibility of increased weight. Modern dump bodies like those sold at Tiger General are lighter and more protected from corrosion. You get to take advantage of all the progress made on dump bodies since your last purchase. 

Get Your New Dump Truck at Tiger General

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