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Why Buy a Tiger General Swab Master Rig

Tiger General swabbing rigs have been considered the rugged and dependable option since 1925. They’ve only improved since then. We know we can give you the best value with our Swab Master Machines. Since 1988 our confidence in this product has been so strong that we could look you in the eye and promise that it would deliver exactly as we said it would. We even offered to buy them BACK if that turned out not to be the case, and guess what? We never had to buy back a machine. Because they are that good and that reliable. In fact, most of our early hydraulic models are still operational TODAY.

Building the Best Swab Master Rig

Our President, Mark Overholt, built National Champion drag race cars in the 1960s that went undefeated for two years. He brings that same competitive excellence and race car mentality to building our machines now. We combine the use of proven field tested designs with the cutting edge of technology and innovation. You can ask around the industry, Tiger General products are known to work hard all day long, just like you. We know you don’t want a machine that quits before you’re ready to.

One of the reasons Tiger General Swab Master Machines are considered number one is because they are fast and powerful while still being easy to operate and maintain. With premium components, master technicians and personal inspection by our company president, you can rely on Tiger General to deliver exactly what you expect from a Swab Master.

Why Tiger General Swab Master Rigs Are the Best Value

Our exclusive features, “Tiger Vision” and “Tiger Vision with Logging” convey far more information to your operators, helping them to get maximum fluid in the tank with every run. The mast incorporates a quick latch with an easy mast tilt system allowing for quick mast to well head alignment. The base section is 8×8 x 1-¼ moving section, 7×7 x ⅜” 50,000 psi square tubing.

The telescopic cylinder can support 38,000 lbs. This enables it to be moved to any height to quickly  align with the wellhead. We’ve upgraded the crown sheave and bearings with sealed spherical double roller bearings rated at 50,900 lbs of static load each. We go above and beyond the requirements to offer the best.

Another thing that sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we’ll build your machine and then disassemble it. This way all fabricated components can be sandblasted to white all over and then painted. Your parts are 100% covered and protected with that extra layer. And we don’t use just any paint. We prime with zinc rich powder, then use a premium two stage epoxy primer. On top of that we put two heavy coats of the best PPG Essential two stage urethane high solids paint. We go to the extreme to deliver you a high quality paint process.

We have an auto spooling device tube with a chrome shaft standard. The spooling sheave uses CDL 958 Aluminum Bronze bushing, giving it a far longer life than brass. Our Swab Master plumbing systems have an exclusive Tiger General flushing valve system that filters and cools more hydraulic oil, even when idling.

There are so many details that sets Tiger General Swab Master Machines apart from all the others. We are the field prove leader. Do yourself a favor and go with the best.

Tiger General Sells the Best Swab Master Rigs

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