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What You Need in a Winch Truck

Winch trucks are integral to work on oil and gas fields. It’s hard to imagine getting by without them. The base of a winch truck is simplistic: it’s spool-wound with cable that is powered to lift and it helps pull and lift heavy objects and equipment. Smaller ones are used for things such as mud bogging, but industrial winches (like we sell) are also available for big jobs. Our winches move heavy oilfield equipment to various locations, helping you to get your work done. 

What Do You Use a Winch Truck For?

The trucks we sell are used to load, unload and relocate things such as frac tanks and other heavy equipment. Winch trucks can be used with a flatbed to transport all kinds of oilfield and drilling machinery, like pump units, top tanks, pipe racks, power swivels, etc. These can be moved throughout one work area or from one location to the next. 

With heavy-duty winch trucks, you’re doing hard work on the unforgiving terrain of an oilfield. You’re lifting expensive equipment and transporting products and machinery worth way more than your average off-road vehicle. Your winch truck needs to climb the Rocky Mountains and roll across the Mideast deserts. Your paycheck depends on it. 

What Makes a Good Winch?

So, what’s the mark of a god winch truck? The same things that make every piece of oilfield equipment good: quality you can trust and stamina you can depend on. Like all of the trucks we sell, our winch trucks and trailers are field-proven. But what’s most important about your winch truck is that it meets your unique needs. We will modify your truck to your specific needs to make sure your winch truck meets all your requirements. 

Each of our trucks is powerful. We start with a 130,000# Tulsa hydraulic planetary winch drive main and an 80,000# auxiliary winch. We’ve got flip-up 5th wheel options. Our construction is bolted, not welded, on to the chassis. Whether you’re moving machinery inside the same oilfield or to different ones, you need to be confident that your winch truck can lift equipment that weighs up to several tons. A mistake or miscalculation could be a major safety hazard and a big money loss. 

Get the Best with Tiger General’s Winch Trucks

For the best options on the market, you should be looking at Tiger General. Cost cutting isn’t worth sacrificing safety and quality, and you won’t save money with a winch truck that doesn’t keep up. We sell both used and new winch trucks at impeccable quality. Check out our website or fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.