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Tips For Transporting Oversized Winch Truck Loads

Cline Super Winch Truck

When transporting oversized loads, there are always a few important things that you need to keep in mind regardless of where you’re going or how long it will take to get there. Not only do you have to be concerned about the rules and regulations for oversized load shipments in the areas that you’re coming from, but you also have to be concerned about the safety of the load for both yourself and everyone else on the road. By going through a proper checklist of items before transportation begins, you can help get your load to its destination as safely and as securely as possible.

Proper Permits And Signs

  • Before you can transport oversized loads, you will need to begin by making sure that you have the right type of permit. The requirements for a permit will vary depending on the primary state that you’re operating in, but they usually involve applying for an Oversize/Overweight transporting account in the jurisdiction where you work.
  • You’ll also need to verify that you have the proper lights on your truck and load, as well as any signs, flags and other safety-related items that may be required by laws in that state. Consult the Commercial Motor Vehicle Center in your state for more specific information about that jurisdiction.

Ensure Objects Are Secure

  • Securing the object to your truck involves making sure that no portion of the load will fall from your truck or otherwise become dislodged while you’re driving. This will require you to make sure that you’re using the right type of tow straps that are designed to work with the weight of the object that you’re towing.
  • Attach one end of the tow strap to the appropriate part on your truck, wrap it over the oversized load and attach the other end to the appropriate part on the other side of the truck. Repeat this process until the oversized load is secure and won’t move.

Ensure The Load Is Safe

Ensuring that the load is safe while driving is a combination of a few different elements, including the following:

  • Make sure that you are not exceeding the recommended speed for both your truck and the weight of the item you’re towing.
  • Do not attempt to pass other vehicles on the road while towing.
  • Make sure that you’re always using the mirrors on your truck to be aware of other drivers while on the road.
  • Turn slowly while towing, always making sure to take both left and right turns as wide as possible to avoid tipping or dropping the load.

It’s important to always be aware how secure your load is at all times. Don’t be afraid to stop and make periodic checks if you need to. Finally, please be courteous and help other drivers out if you notice that they are having problems. We all drive and live on the same road. Why not share it?