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Electronic Depth and Load Sensing Software System

Dramatically Increase Your Swabbing Productivity and Blow Your Competition Away
by Offering High Tech Oilfield Software Solutions

Tiger Vision is an exclusive proprietary solid state computer system:

  • Senses and reports depth in and out of well
  • Gross and net loads pulled in pounds
  • Computes and displays line speed
  • Indicates fluid locations
  • Two depthometer selectable horn sounds near top of well
  • Displays and streams data from swab master rig
  • Displays and streams engine functions data

Tiger Vision dramatically increases productivity by reporting critical well depth and load information. This allows operators to pull maximum amounts of fluids per run and monitor fluid levels per run.

When your operator starts up the well, net load appears. At that time, the operator can judge if he has maximum load. If not, stop, go down a little more, start up well again with max load.

Most people around the world report optimum pull per run to be 6 barrels of dead (no gas push) fluid. Customers with Tiger Vision report 20-50% more fluid in the tank at the end of the day than competitors, because they get max load each run.

Tiger Vision data is streaming. Data can be downloaded to laptop to produce reports. (Logging software not included).

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