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Tiger General Hicks Trailer Benefits

The Hicks trailer is the first weld-free aluminum dump trailer body. No welds means it’s stronger, more stable, easier to repair and beautifully bright. It’s priced affordably and is reliable, too, coming with our rock-solid after-sale support.

Made of Premium Components

Not only is this dump body weld-free, but it also doesn’t cut corners. Hicks trailers are made of high quality parts, with your satisfaction in mind. We only sell equipment we know is capable of getting the job done. Here are just a few of superior components that come standard in your new Hicks trailer:

  • Custom hoist adjustable packing with thicker wall tubes for longer life
  • Ridewell suspension using front axle lift to save your tires and brakes
  • Lightweight, rust-free joist aluminum crank down dollies 
  • Top quality Ridewell 25,000# parallel spindle bearing axles
  • Lighter, easy-to-maintain Centrifuse drums and Duralite hubs
  • Power mesh arm tarp 
  • 12 ft wide UHMW liner that’s ½ ⅜ ¼” thick with longer liner life

Even More Benefits From the Hicks Trailer

With this bright aluminum dump trailer you get at least an extra 1,000# MORE payload over the Clement Starlite, which can get you at least $6,000 more income in your pocket. It also has a lower center of gravity, with 102” wide standard and 93” wide inside. This means lower side heights and lighter weight, getting you more payloads for less money. We custom build your Hicks trailer, so just tell us the required yardage and we’ll make it happen.

The Hicks trailer is configured for greatness. It needs to gross 80,000 lbs, requiring about 427” from kingpin to rear axle. This is accomplished with a shorter box that keeps material from accumulating in the hoist housing areas. The wall depth is 3.5”, compared to 1.5-2.0” with other manufacturers. As a result, you have greater torsional strength and increased rigidity. It also has a 93” width inside, allowing for lower sides and CG for increased rigidity. 

Why We Think Bolting is Superior to Welding

When it comes to aluminum, 80% of its strength is lost with welding. That means your yield strength will drop from 35,000 psi to 8,000 psi! Drilling and bolting do not anneal the aluminum alloy and T6 temper is maintained throughout. Such bolted joints allow for more flexibility, unlike welded joints which are rigid and often crack.

Welding workmanship isn’t 100% consistent, which means no two welds end up exactly the same. Additionally, porosity and undercutting can influence a weld. By contrast, with drilling and huck bolting, you get a reliable and consistent result every time. It’s also easier to repair an aluminium Hicks trailer than a welded one. All you need to do is remove the bolts, replace the parts that are damaged and reassemble. Think about some of the great bolted structures of the world, like bridges. Could a bridge survive its expected life span if it were welded? Would you want to drive across it? 

Find Out More About Our Hicks Trailers

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