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The Tiger General Advantage: Own the best swab rig on the market

Swab rigs are an essential component of the oil drilling industry. With specialized equipment, these massive trucks are tasked with the challenge of removing fluids from production zones. Every swabbing rig comes equipped with a cable, mast and pulley. Swabbing rigs remove six barrels of fluid from oil wells at a time.

When the fluid is removed, the bottom pressure increases and oil begins to flow from the well. This begins the process of oil collection. Sometimes oil wells need to be re-swabbed at a later date in order to continue functioning. When this happens, the swab rig is called in again and the process is repeated.

What Makes Tiger General Swab Master Rigs The Best?

Tiger General Swab Master Rigs are made by a company with over 90 years of industry experience and a reputation for quality. All Tiger General Swab Master Rig models undergo regular improvements to make them easier to operate, more powerful in the field and more agile overall. Tiger General regularly evaluates the quality of its products and asks this simple question:

How can we improve?

Whereas some companies may strive for an acceptable level of service, Tiger General strives for excellence.

More Power, Better Service Life

Every Tiger General swab master rig is designed to work long days and enjoy a long service life. All Tiger General rigs deliver more usable power to the drum, and burn less fuel than other rigs by other brands. How is this done?

The Tiger General swab master rig has a smaller size and lighter weight than many other swabbing rigs. This smaller size makes the rig easier for one person to control and requires less fuel to function.

Tiger General swab master rigs are more economical, more cost-efficient and more effective for oil pumping.

Best Hydraulic Design, Easy Maintenance

Tiger General strives for clean plumbing designs, efficient functionality, and over a decade of hard use with easy maintenance. Whereas some rigs use expensive brake bands, clutches, bearings, chains and chain idlers, Tiger General swab rigs do not.

Other brands require constant maintenance in order to continue working. Tiger General swab rigs simply do better. Every spring and fall, swab owners must change the oil and filters. That’s all it takes to make your Tiger General swab rig function properly.

Ready To Find Out More?

Every swab rig comes with a modern hydraulic system and a built-in weight indicator that delivers all the information you need to keep your operation running smoothly. You’ll be able to see full electronics available for line speed, depth, net loads and gross. Information is downloadable and transferable ┬áto a laptop in the field for immediate use.

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At Tiger General, we produce a quality product that works better than the rigs made by the competition. To buy your swab rig today, contact us.