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The True Cost of a Dump Truck

At Tiger General we specialize in swab rigs, winch trucks and Vac trucks for the oil and gas industry. However, did you know we also sell dump trucks? Well, now you do. Like our swab rigs, we offer only quality dump trucks that will make your job easier.

What to look for in a dump truck?

Not all dump trucks are created equal. We offer Beau-Roc “Diamond Line” bodies because they are the strongest and lightest steel dump bodies in the industry. They are perfect for weight sensitive work. Its unique crossmember delivers maximum strength without all of that wasted dead weight you may see in other dump trucks.  

Should I Buy Used or New?

There’s no right answer here. You need to make sure you know exactly what you need, and what features are important to you, before deciding if a new or used dump truck will do the trick. Certainly, budget also comes into play. You may have to be willing to give up some features to save some money.  

How Long Will A Dump Truck Last?

Specifically, quality is very important here. If you go with one of our dump trucks, you’ll know you’re getting a high-quality truck with a strong, lightweight and quality bed. However, if you’re shopping around, definitely make sure you are thoroughly inspecting the trucks you’re looking at.

So, how long do they last? There’s no real clear answer. But  if you buy a new truck, make sure you’re up to date on maintenance, and that you’re not running it into the ground.  It should last about 10 years before you start to notice things need fixed.

Give us a call. We’re happy to help!

At Tiger General LLC, we’ve been supplying oilfields with top quality trucks since 1925. Not only do we provide the best available quality of both new and used winch trucks and other equipment, we also provide stellar after-sale support for all of our customers. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience for more information on getting the winch truck that best suits your individual needs and preferences.