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The Top 10 Largest Producing Oil Fields: Part 2

Billions of barrels of oil are produced each year by the hundreds of oil fields throughout the United States. In this continuation of the previous blog, we finish the countdown of the top 10 largest producing oil fields in the U.S.

5. Wattenberg, Colorado

The Wattenberg oil field is located just north of Denver, in Weld County. The oil field which was discovered in 1970 contains more than 11,000 active wells. This makes it one of the largest oil-producing locations in the Denver basin, with 47 million barrels produced per year. However, Western Energy Alliance claims that this oil field has an estimated potential output that could reach triple-digit millions per year.

4. Briscoe Ranch, Texas

The Briscoe Ranch oil field is one of several shale oil fields located among the Eagle Ford shale group. Since its discovery in 1962, this oil field has produced around 62 million barrels of oil yearly. Oil companies that drill on the Briscoe Ranch include Chesapeake Energy Corporation, which started drilling its first wells in 1998, and BuffCo Production Inc. which started drilling wells in 2014.  

3. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Oil was first discovered in Prudhoe Bay in the 1960s–however, it wasn’t officially built until 1967. Additionally, at 213,543 acres Prudhoe Bay contains multiple sub-fields and is the largest oil field in both the U.S. and North America. With that being said, this oil field produces 79 million barrels of oil per year. Although the sites main owner, BP, estimates there is only 16 billion barrels of total recoverable oil remaining.  

2. Spraberry, Texas

The Spraberry oil field or as some call it the Spraberry Trend, is in Texas’ Permian basin. This oil field covers 2,500 square miles of land which stretches over 6 different counties and the entirety of the city of Midland. It was first discovered in 1943 by a farmer named Abner Spraberry and has since produced 99 million barrels of oil per year.

1. Eagleville, Texas  

Since its discovery in 2009 this massive oil field has produced 238 million barrels of oil each year. Much like Brisco Ranch, which has earned the 4th spot on our list, Eagleville lies on the Eagle Ford shale group. This oil field also happens to hold multiple distinctions. The first, being the largest oil field in the United States since 2015. The second, being the most-drilled shale group in the United States since 2009.  

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