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Incentive Programs to Retain Oil and Gas Workers

Keeping your oil and gas operation up and running at its most productive isn’t as easy as it used to be. This is in large part due to an increasing shortage of skilled labor our industry demands. With the competition high for attracting top talent, you need to ensure your company not only has what skilled professionals are looking for in a job, but the incentives oil and gas workers need to stick around.  

Start with a Competitive Salary

This isn’t necessarily a groundbreaking revelation. If you want to attract the best possible skilled labor to your oil and gas operation, you need to make sure your salaries are commensurate, if not better than, the industry average. This is especially key if your operation is in a more remote location. Don’t assume your salaries are good enough. Do your research to see what your competitors are paying and do your best to match or beat these figures.

Furthermore, if you want to retain top talent in the industry, you may need to offer regular raises, bonuses, and other financial perks. A good benefits package also goes a long way. You need to show your workers that you value their labor before and during their tenure with your company. These higher salaries might seem like a staggering expense, but the productivity and efficiency of your workforce offers will compensate this investment.

Other Benefits and Perks for Oil and Gas Workers

A good salary and benefits are a logical place to start when attracting and retaining top industry talent, however, even that may not always be enough. As the demand for skilled labor keeps increasing, companies are going to keep upping their base salaries and benefits packages. Your organization may need other perks to stand out.

Some fringe benefits many oil and gas organizations are adopting include flex vacation time, discretionary paid time off and sick days, as well as more opportunities for cash bonuses and other incentives. Of course, whatever incentives you put into place need to make sense for your bottom line. The point is, however, that in an employee’s market, your company needs to stand out for the way it treats its employees.

Reliable Equipment and Trucks are a Great Incentive

You want potential employees to know how safe and efficient your operation is. That starts with reliable oilfield equipment. Fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.