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Four-axle, Steel End Dump Pup Trailer

Clement’s firm foundation that others can’t match

Building a trailer is a lot like building a house.

Put as much strength as possible in the foundation and the structure will be strong and it will last! That’s the Clement philosophy. Clement starts every trailer with 25,000-pound, 102-inch wide pro-par axles with parallel spindles that provide the proper surface for common inner and outer bearings. Bearing and axle life are both greatly increased.

Hub-piloted wheels are the final ingredient. Hub-piloted wheels have no inner nuts and all nuts have right-hand threads, plus there are only ten nuts instead of the usual twenty. This reduces both maintenance time and costs. None of our competition has a stronger foundation than the one that’s standard on every Clement trailer, and few even come close.

PupStar’s Fourth Axle

PupStar’s fourth axle air-ride/air-lift suspension comes with a 13,000-pound rated axle providing added strength and braking capacity for heavy loads. This axle is installed to provide for maximum life when not in use and comes with in-cab controls and an adjustable pressure setting for regulating axle load.



Clement’s Patented Three-Cord Drawbar

Clement’s patented three-cord tubular drawbar design pivots over bumps and holes. Wheel contact at all times is ensured by the drawbar’s “spring flex” action. With “spring flex,” the PupStar can move over rough terrain without breaking or bending the frame. Turnovers are virtually eliminated and the ride is much smoother.

No washboarding

The 1/4 inch, AR400 steel full wrap floor is welded over 4 X 8-inch longitudinals with no cross members. This eliminates floor washboarding and premature floor wear. AR400 steel has    nearly 3 times the strength of the hi-tensile steel used in other makes of trailers.

The crowning touch

That lustrous shine on every Clement trailer is produced using Clement’s new, advanced painting system.

Dubbed “the paint of the future,” it’s a two-part urethane that’s applied after the  trailer’s had a corrosion-reducing phosphate wash and an   epoxy primer. The result is a lustrous, long lasting shine.


Four Axle, Steel Pup Trailer

18’ inside length 41’-6” overall length 41” sides and 47” ends for a 16 to 18 cubic yard capacity

  • Floor: 7 gauge hi-tensile steel
  • Sides/Headboard/Tailgate: 10-gauge, hi-tensile steel Bathtub body with 8-inch radius corners
  • Longitudinals: 4” x 6” x 3/16” wall thickness
  • Top rail: 4” x 4” x 3/16” wall tubing
  • Frame: 4” x 12” with 3/16” wall thickness, reinforced with flat bar
  • Drawbar: 3-cord truss and 7” square tubing with spring-flex ride
  • Rear Lights mounted in rear posts
  • Fenders of polished aluminum tread plate full-length to cover tires
  • Suspensions: of polished aluminum tread plate full-length to cover tires
  • Auxilliary/ suspension:Steerable 4th axle – air-ride/air-lift rated at 13,000 lbs.
  • Axles: (3) rated at 25,000 lbs.
  • Breaks: 16-1/2” x 7” with WABCO 2S-1M ABS braking system Haldex automatic slack adjusters Outboard cast brake drums
  • Wheels: (14) 10-hole 8.25 x 24.5 hub-piloted steel
  • Tires: (14) 11R 24.5 radials
  • Finish Steel pretreated with Oakite wash, epoxy primer, urethane enamel
  • Hydraulic hoist: 74-174T