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Engineered to provide an optimum return on your investment!

Big, rugged hoppers ideal for general contracting

Ideally suited for general contracting These big, rugged Clement Monoshell hopper trains carry a total of 20.5 cubic yards. Hi-tensile, all-welded Mono-Shell construction means greater durability … less dead-weight. You haul bigger legal loads of aggregate, sand, fill … and dump them faster. Built to take the abuse of rough loading, Clement Mono-Shell trains are equipped with air-powered clam shell gates. Dumping is quick … cleanout complete. Only the Clement Monoshell gives you … Biggest Payloads — Mono-Shell design takes weight out of the equipment … puts it in the payload. • Faster Operation — No cross bracing to slow up loading … no interior projection. Steep, smooth sides mean faster, complete cleanout. • Lowest Maintenance — Clement engineering combines simplicity and ruggedness in a field-tested, customer-proved design • Longer-Life — The stronger, lighter mono-shell design combined with exclusive stress-flex mounting eliminates the rigidity of truss-frame trailers.

The Monoshell’s air-powered gates meet your every requirement

Clement’s air-powered clamshell gates work faster, permit on-the-go discharge. Actuated by large, twin 6-inch double-acting cylinders, gates can be stopped and held at any position … readily closed against the load. The dumping rate is controlled by opening the gate to any desired position … spreader chains positively position the gates for laying windrows. Just one valve opertes the air-powered gate. The valve is located conveniently at the side of the body. Optional in-cab controls permit the gate to operate from the cab or the trailer. Meets all ICC regulations … safety regulator maintains brake pressure under emergencies.

A lighter, stronger Mono-Shell design

A stronger, lighter Mono-Shell design combined with the exclusive stress-flex mounting eliminates the rigidity of truss-frame hoppers. This “designed-in” flexibility means mono-shell hoppers roll with the punch … they absorb the stress and abuse of rough loading and uneven terrain.


General Specifications
Suspension: 22,000#
Axles: (2) 22,500#
Whells: 8.25 x 24.5 Disc
Tires: 11.00 x 24.5 Bias
Brakes: Air 16-1/2 x 7 inch Cast     Drum
Lights: Sealed Beam, Turn signals rear     both trailers
Wiring: Sealed Harness 7 wire    ATA, Sep. Gate Circuit
Mud Flaps: Rear Only
King Pin Plate: 1/4-inch    HT50- Fixed
Turn Table: 39-inch Double    Ballbearing
Pintle Eye: Swivel
Draw Bar: Tubular, Rubber Bushed hinge
Type: For windrowing aggregates, dirt, base or any granular free flowing material work
Design: Monoshell
Upper Skins: 14 Gauge HT50
Lower Skins: 12 Gauge HT50
Gate Throat: 3/16-inch HT100
Gate Plate: 3/16 gauge HT100
King Pin Location: 14-inch (Max tractor 5th wheel 8″)
Paint: One color urethane over cleaned, phosphatized and primed surface
Slopes: side-70 end-55
Ground Clearance Undergate: 17-inch open – 14-inch closed
Discharge Gate: One 44 x 69-inch air powered clambshell adjustable spreader chains, twin 6-inch air-cylinders
Air Reservoir: 6,800 cubic in.
Gate Controls: Side body    mounted neutral hold, hand or    electric operated