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Engineered to provide an optimum return on your investment!

Delivering very large payloads at very competitive prices!

Utilizing computer “finite element anaylsis (F.E.A.)”, Clement has developed JobStar, an extremely strong, relatively light weight bottom hopper trailer that offers the customer a “workhorse trailer” and long trailer life at a reasonable price.

Now, capitalizing on JobStar’s solid performance, Clement has created JobStar “Western Trains to maximize haulers’ profits in western states. With the new Western Train Clement has now brought the efficiency and performance of JobStar to the unique markets of the West and Northwest. In these markets multiple trailers can be coupled to substantially increase payload. The Federal Bridge Law limits semi-trailers to an 80,000 lb. maximum gross load, with the most payload you can carry about 50,000 lbs.

Applying that same Federal Bridge Law to Clement’s Western Trains and its multiple axles means payloads in excess of 60,000 lbs., or 20% more payload with very little additional operating expense.


JobStar’s Clamshell gate

Front view of JobStar’s extremely strong clamshell gate, closed with its massive externally mounted 8pinch diameter cylinders.

JobStar’s extra heavy-
duty timing gear

Front view of the extra heavy-duty timing gear that never needs replacing, adjusting or maintenance. Also illustrated is the positive five-position gate positioning bar.

JobStar’s 80-gallon
air tank in the bottom rail

Clement’s innovative air tank eliminates the weight of an extra tank. At the same time it provides an early warning in the event that this vital member is damaged and requires immediate repair.

The muscle of the JobStar –
the hopper

The hopper with 3/16-inch Hiten-50 steel as standard is nearly double that of competitive units, thus you get double the wear. As an option, 3/16-inch AR450 abrasion resistant steel is available to further increase the life of the trailer.

Infinite Gate Control

Clement’s gate control ground station puts total infinite metering control into the hands of the ground operator. JobStar’s ground control also allows total hands-free operation not available on most competitive trailers. Pushing the palm button activates Clement’s hands-free infinite gate control, or to stop the gate at an infinite number of positions by centering the lever. Once the lever is positioned, the operator may remove his hands for a total hands-free operation! Last, but not least, is hands-free feathering.

Clement Air Cylinder Cross Sections and Features
A. Solid aluminum head and cap and black anodized for corrosion resistance.
B. Piston machined from solid aluminum bar stock
C. Hard anodized ID aluminum tube
D. Lip-type low friction urethane piston seals are pressure-energized.
E. Nitrile O-ring design is pressure compensated and reusable.
F. Rod lip seals with a rod u-cup is completely self compensating for zero leakage at all pressures.
G. The new wiper wipes dirt out for less maintenance.
H. Piston wear ring is nylon material designed for low friction, and to ensure maximum wear in the cylinder.
I. Bronze gland is externally removable without cylinder disassembly for easy maintenance.
J. Piston rod high steel. Nitrocarburizing treatment on the rod gives better corrosion-resistance properties (outperforms 12-micron (.0005 inches) Chromium electroplating by ratio up to 20:1).
K. Tie rods have corrosion resistant (Nitro carburizing)., stress proof steel.


Cubic Yard Capacity:

  • 20 yards, no boards
  • 22.5 with boards


  • 40 ft. overall length, w/o push bar
  • 102-inch overall width
  • 114-inch height w/o boards
  • 193 x 90-inch hopper opening
  • 111 x 55-inch gate opening
  • Ground clearance under gate:
    • 17-inches w/ 24.5-inch tires
    • 16-inches w/ 22.5-inch tires


  • 3/16-inch hopper skins throughout
  • 79° hopper side slope
  • 55° hopper end slope
  • 90° slope lower hopper
  • 4 x 6-inch bottom rail
  • 4 x 6-inch top rail and braces
  • Rear fenders standard


  • 3/16-inch high tensile steel floor
  • 8-inch externally mounted cylinders
  • 80-gallon air tank in bottom rail
  • Infinite gate positioning and feathering control
  • Automatic injection air lubricator

  • Sealed beam, 7-way conduit in rubber grommets
  • Separate gate circuit

Running gear:

  • Axles: 102-inch – 5-inch round 25K capacity
  • Bearings: Common inner and outer
  • Suspension:
    • Std: 44,000#, 4 spring – 3 leaf
    • Opt: 50,000# single point
  • Wheels: 10-hole hub piloted disc, 8.25 x 24.5
  • Brakes: 16-1/2 x 7-inch fast change
  • Drums: Outboard cast
  • Tires: 11R 24.5 radials
  • ABS: 2S – 1M standard


Premium epoxy primer. Urethane finish for excellent durability


12,900 pounds with 4-spring