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Product Highlight: Tiger General Vacuum Trucks

Tiger General Vacuum Trucks are the finest on the market and can be manufactured in many different configurations. Each of which can be designed to meet your company’s or job site’s specifications. 

What are Vacuum Trucks Used for?

Vacuum trucks, also known as vac trucks, are used to transport any odd or unsanitary liquids, solids or sludge. These trucks are fitted with large tanks and a heavy-duty vacuum to remove and store any substance thin enough to be pumped. Most of the time, vacuum trucks are used in the petroleum industry to transport natural resources–however, they are used in other ways. For example, vac trucks can be used to carry sewage from septic tanks, contaminated soil, and even brine water from oil drilling sites. Additionally, they could be used by town governments for street and sewer clean ups, or by restaurants to clean out grease traps.

The Design of Vacuum Trucks

When you work with Tiger general you always get well engineered, clean, field proven trucks that are meant to last. Each of our steel or aluminum tanks–whichever you choose to customize–are double welded for security and durability. When it comes to the long-lasting paint job, inside our tanks we use an aluminized 2 stage epoxy paint. As for the outside of our tanks, after they are sandblasted they are primed with 2 stage epoxy primer, then painted with two coats of premium urethane paint. Once your tank is painted to your specifications, Tiger general then mounts it using our low stress mounting system. This system features a cross bolted rear and confining spring front.  

Vacuum Truck Features

Below is a short list of customizable features for both the steel and aluminum vacuum trucks:

Steel Tanks –

·   40, 60, 80, 100 or 110-gallon barrel tanks

·   Max intermittent pressure: 30psi

·   10-gallon secondary moisture trap

·   Grote sealed LED lighting system to meet DOT specifications

Aluminum Tanks –

·   2000 to 5000 US Gallon Capacity

·   Working Pressure: 14.6psi

·   Heavy duty bumper is DOT approved

·   Truck lights are LED and have an environmental sealed harness system

All of Tiger General’s vacuum trucks are fitted with a National NVE 607 MAX PAK air cooled pump. We also offer an optional water-cooled pump with the same specs as the National NVE 607 MAX PAK.

You need tiger general

Most of these trucks aren’t glamorous or shiny like your everyday vehicle. However, they are instrumental when it comes to getting things done across all industries. They contribute to our society much more than you could ever guess. If you need a strong, reliable and reasonably priced vacuum truck fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.