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Product Highlight: Tiger General Winch Trucks

Tiger General Winch Trucks are the finest and most well manufactured on the market. We manufacture Winch Trucks, Winch Beds and Winch Tractors in many different configurations. Each of which can be designed to meet your company’s or job site’s specifications. 

What Are Winch Trucks Used For?

A winch truck is exactly what it sounds like–a truck that is fitted with a winch. A winch is a powered spool wound with cable which is used to lift or pull heavy objects. Types of winches vary in size from those mounted on the front of smaller recreational vehicles, to larger ones mounted on commercial vehicles. In the oil and natural gas industry, winch trucks are mainly used to move and carry heavier oilfield equipment from location to location. More specifically, in the loading and unloading of frac tanks, drilling machinery, pipe racks and even pump units.

The Design of our Winch Trucks

Since 1925 Tiger General has been designing and manufacturing the finest winch trucks on the market. When working with us you get well engineered, clean, field proven rigs that are meant to last. Since our rigs are fully customizable, the locations of add-ons can be reworked and changed to fit your specifications. The customization process is quick and easy due to everything being bolted to the truck chassis instead of welded, making everything conveniently serviceable.

As for the paint job, Tiger General has an extensive painting process to ensure your rigs paint job stays vibrant for years to come. Once your rig is built, it is then disassembled, and each piece is sandblasted. From there each piece is primed with a two-stage epoxy primer, then painted with urethane paint in your color of choice. Once the paint is dry and cured your rig is reassembled and ready to go! Because you get paint all over and not just “on top”, your paint job will look more seamless and be more durable.

Winch Truck Features

Not only does design sell, but so do features! Below is a short list of customizable features that can be applied to each winch truck:

·   8” to 14” tail rollers with large bearings

·   Built in bar stops on the end of full width rollers

·   Flip up 5th wheels

·   Air controls inside/outside spool valve controls

·   Optional radio controls

·   Tulsa Hydraulic Planetary Winches that can lift 50,000-130,000 pounds

You Need Tiger General

If you need a strong, reliable and reasonably priced winch truck fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.