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What Does it Mean to Own a Clement Trailer?

Owning a Clement trailer means you own the most affordable and high quality dump trailer available. Each comes with the incomparable Clement trailer warranty from the oldest dump trailer manufacturer in the USA. Clement is rated #1 for steel dump trailer sales in the USA for a reason. So what makes these vehicles stand above the rest?

Who Makes Your Clement Trailer?

The Hicks’ family has owned Clement for generations. Engineers (not salesmen) craft Clement trailers—and these tough taskmasters focus on building YOU the best trailer out there. 

Cost cutting isn’t the goal here. Clement engineers take pride in crafting quality products. Clement has refined Glen Hicks’ original designs (from 30 years ago!) over the years to remain not only competitive, but be the best. That’s why your trailer comes with a rock solid Clement trailer warranty. 

What is a Clement Trailer Made of?

All components of each Clement trailer are premium, because Clement refuses to make a product which isn’t the best. Clement axles—the hardest-working component of your trailer—come standard at 102” wide. 

Those axles are tied to a 50,000# hutch suspension, which is strong enough to provide the stability you need in the uneven oil field terrain. They have 11r/24.5 radial tires on hub piloted uni-mount disk wheels. You’ll get the job done with these first-in-class features.

You need a powerful truck that can carry the load. Certified steel (approved by the engineers) is the cornerstone of these trucks. Clement knows exactly how the steel on a truck will form and weld, and that steel endures an intense six step prep and paint process to make sure you have a 5-year paint job.

Clement sliding tandems allow the most payload, more maneuverability and optimal stability with shorter trailers. You can meet federal bridge laws with short trailers and get an extra 2000 pounds on your front axle with the Clement bridger with no lost time. Just back up to the dumping point, flip the lock switch, apply the handbrake and continuing going back to slide the bridger into the dumping position.

Clement’s Pioneer Bathtub Design

Clement was the leader in the innovative frameless “bathtub” design. The 8“ corners and front radius offer far more strength than the square corners you find on other trailers. The direct mount mainframe and bolster system used without cross members really pumps up the complete structure while maintaining a flat form. Lower cost trailers frequently result in the floor getting washboard ripples. Not so with Clement. This trailer design has survived 25 years. It’s a trailer that meets the most important criteria: strong, rugged and lightweight. 

Drive the Best with Clement Dump Trailers

You deserve the best dump trailer available. With Clement’s world-class engineering, premium components, field-proven experience and meticulous attention to detail, you’re investing in America’s bestselling dump trailer. With the Clement trailer warranty and Tiger General’s rock solid after sales support you can’t go wrong. Check out more info on our Clement trailers today or fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form for more information.