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September Oil and Gas News Round-Up

There’s a lot going on in the world of gas and oil, so we thought we’d help you stay up to date with some of the current news. Here’s a brief oil and gas news round-up of some of the hottest stories that got our attention during the month of September. 

Technology is Revolutionizing Big Oil

Forging Ahead

After years of being behind the times in technology, big oil is finally starting to catch up. We’re now finding digital solutions to cut costs and increase efficiencies. Both upstream and downstream oil has been utilizing advanced technology solutions to solve their problems. Whether it’s via tech partnerships or software upgrades, we are making strides.

Thermo What? 

A new thermography process has also been utilized to improve corrosion under insulation inspection methods in Brazil. Thermography uses infrared imaging to detect radiation in the long infrared range. This could lead to much more effective evaluations.

Three is Better Than One

In a new partnership, Schlumberger, Chevron and Microsoft will combine forces in attempts to accelerate the creation of new innovative petro-technical and digital technologies. They plan to work together to help advance the technologies used in oil and gas for everyone. 

Job News in Oil and Gas

Permian Basin Oil Job Increases Expected for 2020

The Permian Basin is expected to support 93,201 jobs in 2020, that’s over 12,000 more than last year. Production and employment are both expected to rise in the coming year—good news for the job market. This can, of course, be impacted by various current events, but the outlook is certainly positive. 

Top Oilfield Service Companies

In a survey of over 11,000 professionals conducted across 100 different countries, the oil and gas industry has determined which companies are ideal employers. Haliburton came out on top for the third year in a row, but there is certainly an impressive list of frontrunners. 

Still, If you’re looking for independent oil companies instead of the large publicly-traded ones, there are plenty to choose from. ConocoPhillips tops this list.

Maybe instead, you’re curious about the North American Pipeline roundup? Learn about the different contracts awarded for pipeline projects. 

And in some good news, it looks like the stock prices are in breakout mode for September. It may have been a rough year, but this month was looking good. 

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