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The Oil and Gas Industry Changes and So Do We

The oil and gas industry is changing, with technology, politics, the economy, environmental concerns and more all having an impact. While some of these changes are improvements. others are concerning to those working in the industry. Good or bad, we need to pay attention to what’s going on in our world. 

Fossil Fuel Diminishing?

Perhaps it’s not the extreme situation that some claim, but there is a push for alternative sources of fuel. The push for oilfield work all over the world shows that this isn’t something of immediate concern to us. But many companies are diversifying their energy portfolios by investing in alternative sources. Others are taking a more manageable approach of being smarter with oil and gas harvesting practices. 

This is one of the places technology helps us. The equipment sold at Tiger General is made for you to get the most for your money, time and labor. Our Tiger Vision system helps you get the most oil out of a dig, with less waste than competing swab rigs. Our trailers are lighter, stronger and more durable, helping you to transport quickly, safely and efficiently. These are just a few of the ways we help you keep up with the future of oil.

Energy Helps Technology Grow

As much as technology has advanced oil and gas, the oil and gas industry has also helped to progress technology. We were some of the first to get on board and start utilizing digital tech to enhance our work. This helped promote it to more industries, getting more support and improvements.

With technology, it is easier than ever to find, quantify and monetize oil and gas. Workers are learning a myriad of different skills and spend far less time doing busy work. Enhancements in the tech of drones enable us to locate oil that is trapped miles beneath the sea or surface. We get improved production at decreased costs. It also has opened up the way for engineers and other tech skilled workers to have jobs. 

Doing Smarter Work

With all that tech, improved equipment and efficiencies, oil and gas companies have to be doing smarter work to stay in the game. It’s no longer a short race to get to oil first. It’s now more of a relay marathon, where each person, part and product works in tandem to get the most distance possible. You’ve got to have all the right equipment, processes and people to get the job done. Many companies are turning to contract work to keep up, making oil and gas part of the gig economy. Companies want to run lean and be able to pull teams of people in when they know they are needed, instead of paying them to sit on the sidelines. 

Keep Up With the Oil and Gas Industry With Tiger General

We have the right equipment to keep you ahead of the game. Check out our website, then fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.