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November Oil and Gas News Round-Up

There’s a lot going on in our industry, so we thought we’d help you stay up to date with some of the current news. Here’s a brief oil and gas news round-up, including some of the hottest stories that got our attention during the month of November. 

Technology On the Oilfield

Microsoft, Baker Hughes and C3.Ai Boost Energy AI

These teams are coming together to bring enterprise-level artificial intelligence to the energy industry. They want to create scalable AI transitions across the industry to create an environment that is safer, more reliable and more sustainable. 

3d Printing is Becoming a Vital Part of Gas and Oil

The capabilities of 3D printing have grown, and the idea of building spare parts has worked in industries such as construction and aerospace. It’s expected to have a similar positive impact on oil and gas in the near future.

Adnoc and Honeywell Join Forces for Predictive Maintenance

The companies plan to take on one of the largest predictive maintenance projects in gas and oil history. They hope to use the partnership to maximize asset efficiency and integrity in both upstream and downstream operations.  

Oilfield Changes

Are Prefabricated Buildings Part of the Future of Well Pads?

Oilfield companies are exploring the use of prefab structures for well pads and other buildings. It’s debated whether they will save time and money or add it. Some of the big guys in the industry are starting to consider this strategy.

Oilfield Worker Devises Portable Workstation

After being frustrated with trying to find a place to work on his laptop at job sites, Bobby Martin created his own portable workstation, OmniShelf. It works to hold laptops, electrician tools and many other things, making it a safe and handy addition to oilfield work.

Rig News

North American Pipeline Project

Learn about the different contracts awarded for pipeline projects in October. Information for November will be available soon.

North American Rig Count Data 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t call attention to regular, but essential industry insights in our oil and gas news round-up. This weekly update includes maps as well as numbers. 

Global Oilfield Drilling Market Report

This report has tons of information, including production revenue and volume.

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