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The Scoop on Arctic Drilling

Oil drilling in any capacity always provides an economic boost, but Arctic Sea drilling conveys certain unique and specific benefits. By developing offshore drilling in the Arctic Sea, oil companies can enrich the surrounding areas, bolster the nation’s oil reserves and even lead to scientific developments. In this blog we chat about the pros of arctic drilling.

Tapping Previously Inaccessible Oil Reserves

It’s estimated that the arctic contains 30% of the world’s presently undiscovered natural gas. Drilling in a region such as the arctic can be quite challenging – but can be done with the development of new drilling methods, alongside the conscientious development of safety standards and new technology. Whether the Arctic Sea is drilled for oil is a question of “when” rather than “if,” and the sooner the drilling begins, the more effective ways of doing so can be developed.

By tapping previously inaccessible oil reserves, the nation will see energy costs drastically reduced, which will improve the economic landscape across the country. Energy concerns will be significantly lessened and a reliance on foreign oil vastly reduced, all of which will further improve the country’s economic picture.

Enriching Local Communities

Arctic drilling is to be completed as an Alaskan offshore endeavor, leading ultimately to arctic exploration. By bringing jobs (and thus money) into Alaska, oil and gas companies will help in enriching local communities. In fact, drilling companies are going to great lengths to ensure that the local economy experiences only positive changes regarding oil drilling. With an improved local economy, industries beyond the oil and gas industry, such as retail and development, will also see marked improvement.

Improving Science and Conservation Efforts

Though environmentalists may have concerns regarding Arctic drilling, it is actually beneficial for both science and conservation efforts. To ensure the continued safety of drilling, companies must conduct numerous scientific studies and aid in the conservation in the surrounding area. Through these endeavors, scientists and environmentalists will both learn far more about the Arctic region than ever before. The Arctic Sea has previously been very rarely explored, and bringing a commercial enterprise into the area will have vast benefits for the scientific community.

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With all of the above, it’s easy to see why Arctic drilling is so important and beneficial, both to the oil and gas industry and to the country as a whole.

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