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July Oil & Gas News Roundup

In July, carbon capture technology is expected to help reduce emissions, Enercom is hosting its 26th Oil & Gas conference, Neptune Energy finds new ways to use gaming technology, and North Dakota is suing the Federal Government over oil and gas leasing. Continue reading our oil and gas news round up to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

Carbon Capture Technology is Expected to Play a Pivotal Role

Carbon capture, utilization and storage—often shortened to carbon capture technology or CCUS—refers to a suite of technologies designed to capture carbon dioxide from high-emitting activities such as power generation or industrial facilities, that use either fossil fuels or biomass for fuel. CCUS is often held up as a source of hope in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

The captured carbon dioxide, which can also be captured directly from the atmosphere, is then compressed and transported via pipeline, ship, rail or truck to be used in a range of applications or permanently stored underground. Despite the existence of the technology for decades, deployment of CCS at scale still faces the challenges of feasibility, effectiveness, and expense.

To learn more about Carbon Capture Technology check out oilandgas360.com’s article here.

EnerCom’s 26th The Oil & Gas Conference

Registration is now open for EnerCom’s 28th annual The Oil & Gas Conference. This year’s conference will take place August 15th-18th, at the Denver Downtown Westin hotel. At this year’s conference, C-level leadership of leading energy companies will present their plans for drilling and completing wells, discuss well results and capital efficiency, and estimate capital expenditures and production for the balance of 2021 and into 2022. 

For more information on presenters and how to register click here.

Neptune Energy Uses Gaming Tech to Digitize Wells

Neptune Energy announced they are using a data visualization platform based on 3D gaming technology, to enhance drilling and production efficiency and reduce time and costs. The company has also implemented virtual reality technology, originally developed to train astronauts traveling to the International Space Station, on its operated Gjøa platform. By digitizing all subsea wells within their Norwegian portfolio, they have greatly improved their ability to plan interventions, monitor drilling and production operations in real-time and gain better understanding of a wells’ history.

To get the inside scoop on this new technology check out rigzone.com.

North Dakota sues federal govt over canceled oil and gas leasing

North Dakota is suing the U.S. government on claims that the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management illegally canceled oil and gas lease auctions in the state. The complaint states that March and June auctions nixed by the federal agencies cost the state $80 million in lost revenues.

Check out oilandgas360.com for the full article on this topic.

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