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Is it Time to Replace Your Swab Rig?

In the oil and natural gas industry, efficiency is vital to overall profits. When you are using an older swab rig, chances are that you’re only running at 65% efficiency. When you take into consideration how expensive it is to run your swab rig in the first place, this level of power output isn’t worth the cost. When you replace your old swab rig with one that doesn’t use the same chains, weighs much less, and has fewer moving parts, you can run a swab rig at 95% efficiency or more. So, here’s some tell-tale signs that you should be replacing your rig.

Your Swab Rig is More than Ten Years Old

If you have a swab rig that is more than 10 years old, you are running on borrowed time. Older models tend to need replacing at around the seven-year mark. If your swab rig is any older than seven years, your machine is not running at optimal levels. Newer models are going to give you the extended life you are looking for, with fewer maintenance needs throughout the years.

Your Swab Rig Continuously Breaks Down

Nothing brings productivity to a screeching halt quite like equipment that continually breaks down. If you are spending more time and money on repairs than you are making with your swab rig, it’s time for a replacement. If the equipment is relatively new, it’s time to investigate recalls on your specific piece of equipment. Any time your machine breaks down, it’s going to cost your business.

The Pro of Upgrading

With an upgraded rig, your drilling will be more profitable, because your wells will be clean, and the cleaning itself will be done efficiently. This saves on lost production with downtime, as well as on repair costs. An upgraded rig can mean increased profitability for your business.

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