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The Top 10 Highest Paying Oil & Gas Jobs: Part 1

Jobs in the oil and gas industry are booming, just as much as production. When it comes to employment, oil and gas jobs are some of the most lucrative opportunities. In the first installment of this blog we start our countdown of the top 10 highest paying oil & gas jobs.

Top Paying Jobs

Pay isn’t everything, but it sure can be used to persuade potential employees. So what jobs are companies investing the most money into? The countdown begins below–it’s best to keep in mind that this list of salaries is based on employees with 5 years of experience in the industry.

#10 Production Engineer ($125,600)

Most production engineers possess petroleum engineering degrees. These individuals are responsible for designing and selecting well equipment, in addition to monitoring the well while it flows. Ensuring that the well is efficient and still commercially viable.

#9 Project Engineer ($126,846)

The job of a project engineer is to make sure that the design, construction, and major maintenance projects are completed both safely, and in budget. In addition, they review progress reports and proposed changes, as well as communicate progress to stakeholders.

#8 HSE Manager ($126,874)

HSE managers, also known as Health, Safety, and Environmental managers plan and implement safety programs. In addition to keeping HSE policies updated, managers also conduct risk assessments and create precautionary measures. Individuals that hold this position possess a BA in occupational health, safety management, or environmental science.

#7 Mechanical Engineer ($127,828)

These engineers support plant equipment in addition to designing, developing, installing, and maintaining the equipment used for processing oil and gas. They mainly focus on reliability, quality, and sustainability.

#6 Geophysicist ($128,965)

The job of a geophysicist is to study all physical aspects of the earth to determine what lies beneath its surface.

#5 Drilling Engineer ($129,944)

Individuals in this position manages rid staff and is responsible for maintaining active wells and ensuring that safety precautions are being taken. Drilling engineers are also generally responsible for the financial operations of drilling.

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We hope you found this blog informative and interesting. Stay tuned for the second portion of this blog where we cover the top 5 highest paying oil & gas jobs.

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