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The Top 10 Highest Paying Oil & Gas Jobs: Part 2

Jobs in the oil and gas industry are booming, just as much as production. When it comes to employment, oil and gas jobs are some of the most lucrative opportunities. In the continuation of this blog we finish our countdown of the top 10 highest paying oil & gas jobs.

Top Paying Jobs

Pay isn’t everything, but it sure can be used to persuade potential employees. So what jobs are companies investing the most money into? The countdown finishes up below–it’s best to keep in mind that this list of salaries is based on employees with 5 years of experience in the industry.

#4 Reservoir Engineer ($137,156)

These engineers typically possess a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. They draw on geology and fluid mechanics to find underground petroleum reservoirs. Once these reservoirs are found they also assess the amount of petroleum left in them.

#3 Construction Manager ($145,000)

Construction managers work closely with the project managers to lead teams and manage construction products. CMs are also responsible for ensuring the construction stays in compliance with HSE requirements.

#2 Drilling Supervisor ($148,476)

Drilling supervisors are in charge of operations and making sure drilling is completed on time. Unlike most of the other top jobs in the industry, drilling supervisors often don’t need a bachelor’s degree. Most individuals in this position have a significant number of years on the job. However, some employers prefer that individuals have a degree in drilling technology or mechanical engineering.

#1 Project Manager ($157,795)

This is the top paying job in the industry, and it’s no wonder. PM’s are essentially the glue that holds an entire operation together. Project Managers are tasked with ensuring that an entire project from start to finish is on track. This includes making sure the project stays in budget, to specifications, and within safety guidelines.

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