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Getting Full Capacity From Your Well

You have extra money just lying in the ground. With a Swab Master Rig you can bring your older and loaded up wells roaring back to life in less than a day. You can get your full money’s worth from each well. These machines are fast, easy to operate and maintain and very powerful. You can rely on them because they’ve been field proven to live long and productive lives.

The Benefits of Swabbing

Swabbing your well for just one day can bring them roaring back into production. Swabbing just 10 more wells a month can cut your drilling costs drastically since you will have more productive wells.Swabbing helps increase production and reduce cost. Our rigs can go down 16,000 feet no problem.

A swab rig tools allow the previously inaccessible fluids in your well to flow up, then the winch drum and cables lift out of the well bringing you more money! This is more than just best practices, this is a proven way for you to bring in more money from each well.

Tiger General Sells Superior Swab Rigs

We build all our rigs with passion. Each truck is well engineered with premium quality that is field proven. Most companies power these with a typical chain and sprocket transmission. Tiger General has improved this process for a more efficient swab rig. We utilize hydraulic drives that deliver 95% mechanical torque efficiency. 

One of the best things about our Swab Rigs though is our Tiger Vision. It’s a patented proprietary hardware/software data acquisition and monitoring system. It displays real time useful gauges that the operator can monitor while operating the rig. Some examples of the pivotal information are the depth in and out of the well, line speed, system pressures, gross and net loads and more. 

Our Tiger Vision Changes the Way You Drill

How does the advances of Tiger Vision affect you when it comes to the swab master rig? It helps you deliver maximum efficiency. As we all know, working the fields every well is a little different. Those differences can’t always be documented. Previously a rig operator will need to guess where the fluid is, based on personal knowledge and experience. They base their guess of the sounds and the slack seen in the cable.

With Tiger Vision Logging that’s no longer necessary. It helps take the guess work out of know where your fluid is. It lets you know when it hits fluid, how deep in and more relevant information that will help you get maximum payload. 

Don’t Waste a Drop of Gas or Oil with Tiger General

Check out our page on swab rigs to learn more. You can also fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.