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February Oil and Gas News Round-Up

Because there’s so much going on in our industry, we want to help you stay up to date on the biggest news. Here’s a brief oil and gas news round-up, including some of the hottest stories that got our attention this February. 

The Changing Oilfield

From Father to Petroleum Engineer Daughter

In a field previously dominated by men women are starting to have a presence. After neither son expressed interest in the business this man plans to hand the torch to his 31 year old daughter.

5G Coverage Coming to the Field

Different companies are partnering to try to bring 5G coverage all over the oilfields in the USA. This will make communications and automation much more successful for oil and gas companies. 

The Importance of an ESG Plan

You can drive value with ESG related issues but you have to have a plan ready to present to stockholders.

Industry News

Local Climate Battles Being Won

Even if news in Washington might not look like victory state by state the oil industry is making headway that is beneficial. 

Inclusion in TSX 50

Eco (Atlantic) Oil and Gas Ltd announces inclusion with TSX 50

Extending Oil and Gas Moratorium

Boulder County has allowed staff four more months to research new oil and gas regulations.

Maguire Energy Institute Honors

The Maguire Energy Institute bestowed  the L. Frank Pitts Energy Leadership Award to Kenneth Hersh, president and chief executive officer of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. They also presented oilman W. Herbert Hunt with the Maguire Energy Institute Pioneer Award.

Rig News

North American Pipeline Project

Learn about the different contracts awarded for pipeline projects in January and February. 

North American Rig Count Data 

This is updated weekly and includes maps as well as numbers. 

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