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Employment in Oil and Gas

The USA has been producing oil and gas since the 1800s. But the face of that world has changed over and over again. We’re much more efficient now, with way more advanced equipment and procedures. Another big change is the people employed for and with the O&G industry.  It’s an industry that has brought jobs to so many American families. 

A Growing Industry

In 2018 there were 143,000 people employed by the gas and oil sector in the US. This only counts direct employees of the extraction industry and not those of us who work at places like Tiger General who work with the industry. That’s a lot of American jobs. One of the larger employers is ExxonMobil who worldwide has around 71,000 employees.

Many of these jobs are seasonal, so the quantity of employees does ebb and flow. The numbers for 2019 climbed even higher. In October there were 155.8 thousand O&G employees in the USA. Of that number 89.1 thousand were considered production level, or non-supervisory positions. So far in 2020 the industry is starting out with approximately 158,000.

Occupations in Oil and Gas

We have a breakdown of the various jobs from 2018 to give you an idea the reach of the industry. Geoscientists, excluding hydrologists and geographers, had approximately 4,670 employees. Petroleum engineers were 9,560. Around 4,120 petroleum pump system operators, gaugers and refinery operators were employed. For roustabouts there were 5,620 and wellhead pumpers come in at 9,140 American jobs.

Now, what kind of wages and hours are people getting in Oil and Gas? We’ve got averages. For averages from all employees: It fluctuates a little throughout the year but the average hourly earnings for December of 2019 are similar to much of the year at $48.86 an hour. The average weekly hours worked comes in at 43.9. 

Averages for production and non supervisory employees differs slightly. It comes in december 2019 as $37.84 an hour with an average weekly hour count of 44.9.

What Jobs Are In Demand?

There are many jobs you can find in O&G but have you wondered what is most in demand right now? Here’s a list in no particular order. The jobs that are among the highest paid are marked.

  • Drilling and Service Supervisors (The 2nd highest paid in industry.)
  • Non-steam ticketed operators
  • Field workers, labourers and operators
  • Drilling co-ordinators and primary production managers
  • Geologists and geophysicists (Geophysicists are the 6th highest paid)
  • Chemical, mechanical and petroleum engineers
  • Heavy Equipment operators
  • Steam-ticketed operators
  • Millwrights and machinists
  • Truck drivers

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