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Increasing Efficiency in the Oil & Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, efficiency has always been what asset owners and operators focus on. A move towards greater efficiency is essential at every level and throughout every sector to ensure that we are able to preserve the world in which we live and work. In this blog, we discuss how the industry is improving energy efficiency through their methods and operations.

Improving Energy Efficiency within Operations

Below we cover a few operational steps that can be taken to reduce energy consumption:

  1. Build more energy efficient facilities – The design and build of facilities has a lot to contribute to reducing energy consumption. From the architectural design, to the equipment and processes, a numerous amount of opportunities exist within facilities to improve efficiency on site.
  2. Investing in Research and Development – Technological innovation and creative design have potential to deliver a wide range of opportunities to help improve energy efficiency in the delivery of oil and gas services. Investing in projects such as these are crucial, as are partnerships that support the advancement of energy efficient research for the oil and gas industry.
  3. Creating a Focused Operational Strategy – There are many ways in which operations can be focused on reducing energy consumption. From carrying out regular energy audits, to upgrading to more innovative and efficient equipment–and introducing long term action plans–there are multiple options available to choose from.


Below we cover a few of the best methods the industry could use to reduce energy consumption:

Metering – Metering is one area where you will want to look at when it comes to improving energy efficiency. Traditional systems require quite a bit of maintenance which costs both time and money. Many of these meters were traditionally installed without proper documentation, maintenance or calibration schedules. With an unproperly maintained system comes the increase in production costs and continuous fluctuation in oil prices. These issues call for a need to improve metering by the oil and gas industry.

Improving Drilling – Thanks to advances in seismic surveying and analysis, and drilling techniques, many companies are seeing improved drilling success rates. Drilling techniques, in particular, have seen improvement through the increased use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. These techniques have helped to increase initial production rates. Even if fewer wells are drilled, the ones that are being created are drilled more quickly and located in more productive areas, which efficiently increases production and profitability.

Innovative Data Acquisition and Management – The creation of the new, fully optimized digital oilfield with more sophisticated technology led to more high-speed communication and better data mining techniques. Centralized data management systems benefit entire teams and allow those teams to seamlessly share data and insights with one another easily while also eliminating duplicate data entry to save valuable time and money–talk about being efficient.

Leak and Spill Prevention – No oil and gas company wants to experience a leak or spill and steps need to be taken to prevent their occurrence. Not only does a leak or spill cause a loss in revenue but it can also become a PR nightmare. Individual companies that do not have the cash to finance research on new methods of spill prevention often look to industry sponsored centers. Staying informed and up to date on current spill prevention strategies and implementing them is critical to continued success, safety, and efficiency.

Use of Energy Efficient Equipment – This one is pretty straightforward but we cannot express how important it is to invest in energy efficient equipment. The use of energy efficient equipment can help greatly reduce the energy consumption across the entire supply chain. Carrying out regular energy audits and upgrading equipment to more innovative and efficient solutions are both crucial when moving your operations to be more efficient.

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