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Clement Roll-Off Trailer Models

Frameless “Bridger” Roll-Off Trailer

The Clement Bridger is steeped in tradition. In fact, Clement built the first ever frameless roll-off trailer in 1965 and has built its reputation on a legacy of excellence and dependability. From Here, Tiger General designers took Clement’s long-haul model and created the “Bridger.” This patented trailer includes a sliding tandem that extends both the internal and external bridges.

This addition makes it possible to legally haul much, much larger payloads with some advantages normally available only in much shorter trailers. When you reach your final destination, the sliding process is reversed so the load can be dumped over the rear tandem as usual.

Frametype Steel Roll-Off Trailer

Aka “Lo-Pro,” this trailer has become a mainstay on many job sites and quite popular with haulers the world over. With a minimal roller height, this trailer is perfect for any operation. Made of high tensile steel and computer-aided design, this trailer provides maximum strength and minimum weight.

When you’re dealing with strict road laws, the increased payload you get from the Lo-Pro’s minimum tare puts more money in your pocket.    

Two-Box Steel Roll-Off Trailer

Clement realized over 30 years ago that a professional hauler needed the ability to carry two roll-off containers at the same time. The distance between pick-up and landfill seems to increase all the time. This led to the production of the the Two-Box Steel Roll-Off Trailer.

This trailer features a 40,000 lb grooved drum winch with cable guide to assure maximum power-to-weight ratio in loading heavy payloads. Operation is simplified by virtue of three lever valve controls.

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