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Clement Rock Trailer Moders Pt. 2

If you read our last blog post, you know that Clement has been making affordable premium dump trailers since the 1950s. If you’re looking for a strong and well priced dump trailer, check out the oldest and most experienced dump trailer manufacturer in the USA.

Frametype Rock Trailers

This hauler-favorite rock trailer has proven “on the ground” experience at being the best. This trailer can efficiently handle almost any load, from 14 ton boulders to conventional loads like sand and gravel Clement’s Frametype Half-Round Rock Trailer has got you covered.

The standard body shell comes with 45 inch high sides of ¼ in AR450. This tough steel creates severe impact withstanding capabilities. Clement uses the highest strength steel technology can give us on this model.

Frameless “Bridger” Half-Round Rock Trailer

This trailer boasts the popular “Bridger Sliding Tandem” that other trailers dream of. It has similar structure and reliability as previously mentioned trailers but with Clement’s patented “Bridger” sliding tandem you can haul larger payloads in a shorter trailer. The sides are made of AR400, a very tough and dependable steel.

The Bridger can help you achieve the maximum payload with proper distribution of weight. The design is simple but the payoff is anything but. Both axles lock when dumping the load over the rear tandem, allowing you to move the trailer backwards and position the axles perfectly.

“Michigan Trains” Steel Rock Trailers

These Michigan Super Trains with quad-quad trailers and half-round bodies are a sight to behold. The Super Train body shell has 66 inch high sides, made of ¼ inch AR400 with an intense abrasion resistance and high impact capabilities. It also includes steps both inside and outside the shell.

The Super Train includes a sturdy tailgate made with box-braced AR400, which are dule acting with top and barn door style hinges. It also contains pro-par’s parallel spinder, which increase the life of the axle and bearing. Overall the extra attention to detail in Clement trailers can save you time and maintenance costs.

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