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All About Clement Rock Trailer Models Pt. 1

Clement has been making affordable premium dump trailers since the 1950s. If you’re looking for a strong and well priced dump trailer, check out the oldest and most experienced dump trailer manufacturer in the USA. Keep reading to learn more about Clement Rock Trailer models.

RockStar Half-Round Frameless End Dump Trailer

Whether you’re hauling sand and gravel or giant boulders, there’s no load too tough for the Rockstar 450. It’s strong steel has an impressive resistance to dents and cuts. AR450 steel is a combination of the highest yield and tensile strength that steel technology has to offer. It’s got a 32% greater yield strength and a 36 percent greater tensile strength than the AR400 steel.

AR450 steel is used in all Clement RockStar 450 body panels, even including the headboard and tailgate. They don’t cut corners on quality here. Compare that to the hi-tensile steel used by some other manufacturers in their headboards and tailgates and you’ll find that Clement provides 240% greater yield strength.

The exclusive combination king pin plate in Clement’s inverted cylinder allows for a quick and simple conversion to a break-away or non break-away cylinder shaft, enabling you to quickly achieve individual requirements. It’s also got a longer bridge length due to the forward kingpin, allowing for greater gross weights in your load.

Since Clement’s RockStar 450 is built using the hardest steel possible it’s got a much greater wear life. This trailer is superior. You can judge that for yourself by beating it, abusing it and treating it as rough as you can.  You’ll see how tough it is. We have 102-inch, 25,000 lb axles combined with 50,000 lb suspension.

Repeatedly proven the axles feature common inner and outer bearings. Integrate that with a parallel spindle, both the axle and bearing life here are greatly increased. With the hub-piloted wheels you can count on maintenance time and costs being reduced. Over all the Clement RockStar is a great choice for any job.

Quarter Frame Rock Trailers

This trailer is the ultimate piece of equipment when it comes to stockpiling and dumping asphalt. Simply put, this Clement trailer is the standard by which other trailers are judged. It has a high dump point associated with a frame and the stabilizer arms of a frameless, that’s what makes this the ultimate trailer for stockpiling and dumping asphalt. With this trailer a paving contractor can has the proper trailer for all his particular job requirements.

The Quarter Frame comes with many desirable characteristics and a wide range of available options, allowing operators to determine exactly what’s best for them. The unite can be customized to assure a maximum return on your investment. This is due to the high dump point and superior stability of the Quarter Fram Rock Trailer.

The Quarter Frame dumps with wheels on the ground. It has an air-lift gate with an 81 inch opening and larger, which improves discharge. It comes with mud flaps to reduce tailgate flap damage and barn door tailgates are also an option.

Like other Clement models the inverted cylinder leaves no doghouse to interfere with the load. It has no ledges to collect dirt and contaminate your system. The cylinder is mounted externally for easy service and removal.

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