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Clement Bottom Dump Trailer Models

Bottom dump trailers save time and money, if you have the quality equipment. When it comes to quality and efficient dump trailers, you don’t need to look any further than Clement. Explore Clement Bottom Dump Trailer models by reading more.

JobStar Steel Bottom Hopper Trailer

This “workhorse” trailer is engineered to deliver optimum return on your investment. Using computer finite element analysis (FEA) Clement developed an exceptionally strong, relatively lightweight dump trailer. Its simplicity in manufacturing makes it an affordable item with strong returns.

The 3/16” HT50 high tensile steel side sheets have the strength to assure a more extended life expectancy than comparable trailers. They are supported by two massive 4” x 6” tube bottom rails that have 4” x 6” bracing. If you need something that Loads fast, hauls more and dumps dependably check out the new Clement Jobstar.

JobStar Steel Western Trains

The Western Trains use the same FEA technology Clement uses for JobStar to provide a relatively lightweight bottom hopper trailer with a long life and a reasonable price. The Western Trains are built to maximize hauler profits in the western states. This model blends the efficiency and performance you expect from JobStar to the unique market landscape of the west.

There you are able to couple multiple trailers and greatly increase your payload. Federal Bridge Law limits you to an 80,000 lb maximum gross load, with 50,000 lbs being the most payload you can carry. With the Western Trains multiple axles you can carry payloads reaching even more than 60,000 lbs, that’s 20% more with minimal additional expense.

West Coast Trains Steel Bottom Hopper

The rugged hoppers of this steel bottom hopper are best suited for general contracting. The Clement Mono-shell hopper trains can carry 20.5 cubic yards. Our Hi-tensile, all-welded Mono-Shell construction allows for enhanced durability and less dead weight. It’s built to handle rough loading with the air-powered clam shell gates. You can haul larger and legal loads, as well as dump them faster.

Dumping with the Clement Mono-shell is quick with a complete clean out. This can give you the biggest payload by taking the weight out of the equipment. The lack of cross bracing allows for a faster operation. Combining machine simplicity with ruggedness created a product that is both field-tested and customer proved.

The Clement West Coast Trains Steel Bottom Hopper also has a longer life. It has a stronger mono-shell with exclusive stress-flex mounting that eliminates the rigidity of truss frame trailers.  Our gates are air-powered creating faster work and on-the-go discharge. The gates can be stopped and held in any position, closed against the load. You can control the dumping rate by opening the door to a certain position. The spreader chains positively position the gates for laying windows. It only takes one valve to operate the air-powered gate and it is located very accessibly on the side of the body.

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