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How To Find the Perfect Drilling Rig

Any piece of equipment is going to wear out over time. This is true with the small ones and with the big ones. So, what do you do when your drilling rig is finally getting to the point that it needs replaced? Spending on a large capital investment like that takes some time and planning. Here are some things … Continued

Possible and Positive Well Control Kick Indicators

It goes without saying that well control is essential. When monitoring drilling, there are many different indicators that can be used to determine if the well may kick. A kick is a situation where the pressure inside of the drilled rock ends up being greater than the pressure of the mud pressure acting on the … Continued

How Mature Wells Can Be Revived

In an age of recycling, companies are looking for ways to repurpose and reuse resources to save money and time. It should be no surprise that this is also something that occurs in the petroleum industry. As more and more hydraulic fracturing is done, technological advances are allowing existing wells with slow or no production … Continued

Key Decisions For Drilling Contractors

Successful drilling is the result of good choices made by the drilling contractors. Experienced drilling contractor know there are a variety of drilling sites. This means making correct decisions about equipment, drilling fluid and fluid management in order have the job run smoothly. What are some of those decisions that contractors face? Let’s take a … Continued