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The Best Vacuum Trucks for Your Job Site

We sell high performing vacuum trucks so you can load and unload faster. We keep you moving. Keep reading for a closer look at our hardworking equipment to help you get the job done.

Tiger General Vacuum/Water Trucks

Our trucks have 4” ports with a low stress mount system. We’re proud to have American-made NVE premium high power vac pumps. They all have aluminized epoxy lining. We sell premium trucks that are well engineered. We don’t cut corners on quality.

If you want one of the finest vacuum and water trucks on the oilfield, go with Tiger General LLC steel and aluminum trucks. We know what you do and what your truck gets put through. These aren’t backyard project trucks. Let us spec out your truck and vacuum tank so we can get you exactly what you need—a truck that will last long and work hard for you.

Each of our tanks are double welded and we only use certified welders. After being tested and ground clean, they are mounted with our unique Tiger General flex and horizontal mount system which allows the truck frame and body to float. Using this system your tank is shielded from undue stress. It’s then sandblasted, primed with two stage epoxy primer and painted with two heavy coats of urethane paint.

We only use American-made national vacuum pumping systems that have clean, durable plumbing and drive systems. For longer life, we make sure all lights are sealed systems. We use large, high volume pumps as well, no wimpy pumps here.

The entire process of creating our trucks is to deliver you the long life work vehicle you demand. Our vacuum and water trucks are made of light weight aluminum. They won’t rust and are able to deliver about 17% more payload than steel. Do yourself a favor and look into our vacuum and water trucks here.

To Drive a Premium Water Vac Truck Come to Tiger General

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