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Get the Best Dump Truck

Here at Tiger General, we’ve been selling quality dump trucks for years. Whether you’re looking for steel or aluminum, we can offer you the best. The amazing Clement trailers are among America’s leading dump trucks, and the Beau-Roc Diamond Line are some of the lightest and strongest steel dump bodies out there. Purchasing the best vehicle for your needs requires a bit of research. Save yourself some time and get the inside scoop on our trucks to find the best dump truck for you!

Beau-Roc Diamond Line Dump Trucks

If you’re looking for a strong steel dump truck with a lightweight body, Beau-Roc may be the answer for you. When your work is weight sensitive and versatile, you need something reliable. This truck is designed for intense strength and heavy-duty work, without wasted dead weight. It has a cross-member design with a wide mainframe and diamond-shaped sides. This body is bulletproof while remaining similar in weight to aluminum bodies. These trailers are much more affordable than aluminum, with four times the strength. 

All of the bodies in the DL are tapered to allow quicker dumping, even when your load is sticky. They withstand aggressive payloads like broken concrete without structural damage, and all of these trailers are field-proven to have long product lives–helping you making money. 

Clement Steel Dump Trailers

Clement’s been creating quality dump trailers since the 1950s, with a proven track record. The DemoStar Frameless End Dump Demolition Trailer is a tough as nails, rugged trailer you’d expect from America’s leader. With abrasion-resistant AR500 steel, you have a trailer that can handle all kinds of demolition materials in an efficient manner. It’s optimized to minimize weight while still performing with heavy-duty loads.

The StarLite2 Frameless Steel End Dump is another winner. This 38-foot, 11,300-pound steel trailer is unmatched in performance for its size. It was designed using the most popular 38-foot trailer, ensuring that every part is at maximum strength and minimum weight. Another model, the Quarter Frame Steel End Dump, is ideal for loading and dumping asphalt, and the “Bridger” steel bathtub end dump trailer achieves maximum legal payloads with its unique weight distribution frame type. 

Clement Aluminum Dump Trailers

Clement’s ADM – Aluminum double wall end dump trailers come in 24- to 39-foot sizes. You can save weight and money. Their frameless design helps you get maximum payload, and they also come in frame and quarter frame. They’ve got safety in mind with reduced turnovers from other trailers. The double wall is strong and light, letting you get in extra payload. 

In similar fashion, the AXP – Aluminum Exterior Post Dump Trailer also comes from 24 – 39 feet. It’s created to be heavy duty. These trucks have 9” massive top rail with a real vertical post to match. The huck bolt system is secure and proven. It also has wide and dee VEE cross members. It’s another trailer you know you can rely on. 

All of the Clement aluminum trailers offer you a lightweight way of making your payload. Whatever problems you might be having with dumping, Clement could be your solution.  

Get the Best Dump Truck and Trailers at Tiger General

At Tiger General, we sell only the best. If it hasn’t been field tested, you won’t find it here. You can trust in any truck or trailer you get. Fill out the Tiger General Truck Inquiry Form today to get started on bringing your next piece of equipment to where it’s needed most.