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Tiger General Swab Master Swab Rigs: The Benefits

If you need a great swab rig, why mess around with old chain drive rigs or small hydraulic motors when you can own the best performing all hydraulic swab master rig in the USA? Don’t waste your time with poor substitutes. Tiger General’s direct drive hydrostatic winches deliver over 95% of mechanical torque efficiency–the best in the business.

Why Tiger General Swab Master Rigs?

If torque efficiency isn’t enough for you, there are plenty of other reasons to choose one of these machines. With mechanical chain drives, you might get higher reduction ratios but lose 20-30% of torque through reduction drive inefficiencies. Our machine also comes with hydrostatic braking, so you have no bands to replace.


Most rigs run 5-8 years until overhaul. Tiger General pumps and motors are rated for 20,000+ hours, with at least a 15-year design life before the need to overhaul. And when that time comes, it’s an easy rebuild to get you on the road again soon.

Tiger General Swab Master Rigs Outlast the Competition

We pay attention to details so that you have less to worry about and can focus on what matters most–productivity. Swab Master requires minimal maintenance, approximately half that of other rigs. Well engineered and field proven, you can trust that Swab Master will work hard and remain productive for your needs.


As reliable as ever, the basic design is still the same as our original patents. We offer big power and speed and have refined a few details over the years, giving Swab Master the longest life and least required maintenance.

What’s Inside a Swab Master Rig?

All parts are specifically chosen to build the perfect machine. We use premium absolute filters, filtering up to 10 Micon on the first or second pass through. Other machines require 7-10 trips to achieve this level of efficiency. We cool and filter approximately seven gallons per minute, even while idling. Today we filter and cool two times more of our Premium Shell Tellus T hydraulic oil, which is prefiltered and loop filtered at start up.


We also use quality code 62 high pressure four-bolt “O” ring and JIC “O” ring fittings to ensure that you don’t have leaks during long hauls. Whenever possible, we use hydraulic steel tubing that comes premium coated to outlive hoses. When using hoses, we take care not to stress the ends and install superior hangers to prevent chafing.


Your Swab Master will also come standard with our premium Tiger General Duel Eccentric Auto Spooling device. It’s enhanced with alum bronze bushing, drip oil system and aluminum sheave covers to prevent jump off and reduce splash. The spooler has rotatable side trust plastic skid blocks with adjustable bearing ends for perfect alignment.

Get the Power and Speed You Need from Our Swab Master Rig

We offer more power and faster setups than any other rig, helping you get more wells per day. If you want state-of-the-art monitoring and impeccable performance, look no further than our Swab Master Rig. Get in touch with Tiger General today and transport your equipment to where it’s needed most.