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April Oil and Gas News Roundup

In April, Texas oil pipelines are facing dry months, United Airlines unveils their plan for funding more sustainable jet fuel, and Rigzone gives advice on how to make your job application stand out. Continue reading our oil and gas news round up to learn more about what’s happening in the industry this month.

Texas Oil Pipelines Face Dry Spells

The COVID-19 pandemic crushed fuel demand and oil production, neither of which have recovered fully. Because of this many pipelines have gone unused. By the fourth quarter, total utilization of the largest pipelines is expected to drop to 57%. By the end of the year the same pipelines are expected to be dry.

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How to Make Your Job Application Stand Out in the Energy Transition

Beth Bowen has shared with Rigzone her top three pieces of advice for increasing one’s chances of standing out in the job market.

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United Airlines Unveils Plan to Fund Sustainable Jet Fuel made from Trash

United Airlines announced that they have partnered with global firms to finance the use of about 3.4 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel derived from trash. United stated that the project is a way to help reduce the environmental impact of flying and could help create more of a market for sustainable aviation fuels.

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