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All About Clement Trailers

When it comes to dump trailers, you won’t find a better combination of quality and price than you will with Clement. One of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers, Clement knows what they’re doing. In fact, other manufacturers are copying Clement. Don’t take a chance on an imitation. Learn why Clement makes the best dump trailers out there.

Premium Components

There’s no upsell when it comes to Clement. You get all of the premium components at the standard price. What are these premium components? Let’s take a closer look.

Axles: Clement provides some of the hardest working parts out there. You’ll get 102” wide rockwell axles that are known far over as the best. They’re paired with premium brake linings to give you longer life and dependable service.

Suspension: Heavy duty suspension comes standard. This gives you the stability you need to get the job done. We’re talking 50,000 lbs hutch suspension.

Steel: Clement only uses certified steel that meets their high standards. You’ll get the documents to back that up, too. No surprises about how it will weld here.

Cylinders: With the inverted outboard mounted cylinder option, you won’t get left high and dry. All material flows like it’s supposed to to extend the life of your trailer. No more praying something doesn’t go wrong.

Tiger General has the Clement Trailers You Need

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