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The Advantages of Digitization and having a Website Presence in the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry benefits our daily lives in many ways and it’s an industry that is changing rapidly. Today, the oil and gas industry is being redefined with fundamental adjustments in demand as well as new technologies. By using new digital solutions, oil and gas companies can transform their business and operating models.

Benefits of Digital Transformation 

There are significant opportunities for energy companies to leverage digital transformation. For executives and managers focused on business strategy, business analytics can be used in conjunction with data and artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand which features and products provide the best customer value. Digitization also has a significant impact on operations in the industry, it can help buyers and suppliers connect more effectively and collaborate more constructively.

Moreover, remote sensors connected via the cloud, can be used to monitor and track asset maintenance from oil rigs to retail gas pumps. Other advantages of digital transformation include, improving customer experience, performance forecasting, and better asset security.

The Importance of a Website Presence

A company website is much more than your business card or your figurehead on the web. It’s the prerequisite for reaching your target group. From company history and services, to references and updates; companies can provide all important information via their website.

Compared to other advertising formats, a website is highly affordable and relatively easy to manage. Moreover, it’s a way to reach customers all over the world as it allows you to operate internationally and network with business partners or competitors worldwide.

Advantages of a Web Presence

Tip #1: Take a close look at your website. Google attaches great importance to the domain name in the URL and therefore continues to display it in the search results. That’s a good thing because the domain name can act as a brand and thus lead to building trust. 

Tip #2: Optimize website content. The content to be found on your site should be as relevant and helpful as possible. It’s a good idea to regularly post updates, for example in form of technical papers, to create up-to-date, high-quality content that will help you be found in search engines

Tip #3: Optimize the keywords of your website. The majority of potential new customers will type a few relevant keywords into the search line and look at the results on the first page. Only in rare cases, will they click on page 2 or 3. Optimizing your keywords means you should use keywords that:

  • Describe your industry
  • Address your range of services
  • Describe your product as accurately as possible in the words that customers would use

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