2007 Swab Master Rig Mounted On 2007 International – 4×4

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Tiger general well tender swabbing rig specifications & pricing

Main draw works/drum new: swab master model

Frame 3″x3″x1/4″ square tubing double ladder main frame. 3″ tubing “u” shaped end frames. 43 1/2″ wide, x 70″ long, x 40″ high. 3/4″ thick motor mount plate, with 3 flexible motor mounts. Bar grating end cover. Stainless steel drip pan. Galvanized reel shield top, and brake end cover

Drum: size: 35″ dia x 36 1/2″ wide inside. 8″ x 1″ wall barrel. 1″ thick steel end plates with 6 gusset per end, reinforced. Overall length drum 48″ , 3-7/16″ main shaft with seal master mp 55 pillow block bearing. Drum capacity, 14,400 ft. Of 7/16″. 11,000 ft. 1/2″. 8,766 ft. 9/16″ cable. Normal operating depth 7,500 feet in 4″. With std hydraulics..**fleet angle spooling device with 20″ sheave.

Sandline drum drive pump: sunstrand model 100, 6.1 cu. In./rev. Axial piston design pump. 68 gpm @ 2600 rpm direct driven from front of truck engine. Driven via transfer case on f-550 for chassis. Max ps. 7000. H.d. stainless cable lever controls at operators area

Motor: rotary power model sma 1000, 61 cu in/rev. Motor develops 3890 ft. Lbs. Torque @ 5000 psi, 6,057 ft. Lbs. @ 7000 psi. Single line pull, first wrap, 8,155 @ 7000 psi line speed prox 1,000 ft per minute with 7,500 ft of 7/16″ cable installed. 92% efficient! * 30% more usable power than chain drive drums. Patented “free fall” bypass valve. And hydrostatic brake.

Mast:  6″ x 6″ x 1/4″ square steel tubing, 32′ to top of 20″ crown sheave, on ford f­550 4×4 chassis. Mast base sits on reinforced body. Mast hydraulically raised with 3″ x 30″ cylinder. “quick tilt” mast adjust system. Operating load 30,000# when properly guyed


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